The Gallery is presenting works by Ricardo Alcaide, Lucas Simões, Jason Martin, Ângela Ferreira, Nicholas Woods, Prudencio Irazábal, Slater Bradley, Oliver Osborne, Rafa Munárriz, Christian Jankowski and Claudia Peña Salinas.

This year, Pelaires Gallery is taking part at ARCO Madrid (26 February - 1 March) with works by Ricardo Alcaide, Lucas Simões, Jason Martin, Ângela Ferreira, Nicholas Woods, Prudencio Irazábal, Slater Bradley, Oliver Osborne, Rafa Munárriz, Christian Jankowski and Claudia Peña Salinas. Pelaires collaborates with this selection of artists on a regular basis, as they have already recently displayed their work in the gallery or will do it any time soon. The latest additions to the group are Slater Bradley and Oliver Osborne.

The director of the Gallery, Mr. Frederic Pinya, explains that "this selection of artists reflects, once again, the project we have been developing over the last couple of years, with new additions, all of which have a link with our annual programme. This fair marks the beginning of our collaboration with artists such as Slater Bradley and Oliver Osborne". According to Pinya, "The project of Pelaires Gallery seeks to represent international artists who are exhibiting their work on Majorca (and usually also in Spain) for the first time ever."

Ricardo Alcaide (Caracas, 1967). His work, somewhere in between poetry and politics, questions how people deal with economic and social exclusion in different environments by juxtaposing images and objects. He is also passionate about architecture, namely about the relationship between the Latin American Modern Movement and vernacular architecture. The seven pieces he is taking to ARCO were developed while he was doing an artist residency at Pelaires Gallery. They will certainly become the central focus of the booth, as they will cover two adjacent walls.

Lucas Simões (Catanduva, 1980) had his first solo show in Spain in September 2019 at Pelaires Gallery. His work is all about architecture and the notion of stability. It highlights the social and political failures of the modern world and urbanism. Before becoming an artist, Simões also worked as an architect, so he has been interested in the promises, failures and sociology of contemporary architecture for a very long time now. He creates his sculptures in a similar way to how an architect would commission a building plan, with the difference that he now explores the relationship that his concepts, designs and constructions establish with broader social issues. Also, this year, the artist will be represented twice at the ARCO fair, as he has been chosen by the Portuguese curator Tiago de Abreu Pinto and the Turkish curator Övül Ö. Durmusoglu to work on the section "Opening" by the Argentinean gallery Pasto. The central piece that Pasto is presenting with "Opening" is a Pelaires production that was displayed last September in the main hall of the gallery as part of the artist's first solo exhibition in Spain.

Jason Martin (Jersey, 1970) is one of the British artists with a stronger presence at fairs. He is a strong advocate of modern tradition in gestural and monochrome painting. Martin is presenting two equal-size oil paintings on aluminium (80 x 70cm).

Claudia Peña Salinas (Montemorelos, Mexico, 1975) has been collaborating with Pelaires Gallery since March 2018. The work of this New York-based artist combines sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations and videos that focus on narrative poetry. Her work is a form of archaeology that combines and studies materials from a personal and cultural standpoint. Over the last couple of years, her research has focused on Tlaloc (the Aztec god of earthly fertility and water) and his wife Chalchiuhtlicue (the goddess of water). Her artistic practice examines the relationship between culture and history, belief, compression and interpretation through a discovery process that is very intimate and also ambitious. For this year's ARCO event, the artist is presenting Hiutlicue, a large-size piece and one of her latest creations.

Christian Jankowski (Göttingen, Germany, 1968) has been collaborating with Pelaires for two years and a half. He is presenting a 2019 installation called Global Membership, which includes a black and white photograph and 4 framed suitcases. This piece goes very much hand in hand with his latest work, in which he uses an ironic tone to describe how agents work and interact with artists. For this specific case, Jankowski uses sentences from the contract he signed for Soho House in London to display his work at the new Soho House office in Berlin.

Prudencio Irazábal (Puentelarrá, 1954) and Gallery Pelaires have been collaborating for four years now. The artist is taking three paintings to ARCO 2020: two large-size paintings and a smaller one, all of them in line with his latest paintings, where an interplay of light, colour and glazing result in a sophisticated abstraction. Irazábal is probably one of the most representative artists of the modern Spanish art scene.

Rafa Munárriz (Tudela, 1990) is the youngest artist collaborating with Pelaires Gallery. His work "Espacios que estructuran acciones" (his second solo show at Pelaires) is currently on display at the gallery. Munárriz uses industrial materials and processes to explore sculpture and installation. His sculptures explore the traditional notions of contour and shape by using industrial materials that are often associated with architectonic boundaries such as walls or blinds. For ARCO, the artist is working on a site-specific installation from a piece of one of the walls in the booth. The idea is to remove the wood and leave a hole in it, place arch/tunnel-shaped aluminium inside and establish a connection with the works he has currently on display at Pelaires. And not only that, Munárriz will also present one of his "Construcciones ausentes", a modular concrete column that is part of the exhibit "Port crisis" held at Conde Duque in Madrid.

Oliver Osborne (Edinburgh, 1985) lives and works in Berlin. For ARCO Madrid, Pelaires is presenting two new paintings from the series Rubber Plant, a recurring theme throughout his career as an artist. The apparent triviality of this topic offers a rich field to explore the complexity entailed in the production of specific images in a moment of acceleration of image proliferation. The realism is a deviation of his commitment to the abstract principles of composition, while the tone and colour he uses are influenced by his desire to explore the metaphoric potential of apparently very direct images.

Slater Bradley (San Francisco, 1975) works with photography, drawing, painting, cinema and video. In 2005 he became the youngest male artist to ever exhibit at the Gugghenheim Museum in New York. His work is featured in collections such as Whitney, the National Centre for Visual Arts in Paris, the Frans Hals Museum (Netherlands), Jumex (Mexico), the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles, MoMA and the UBS Collection (Switzerland). It is the first time that Pelaires is showing his work at ARCO Madrid, namely five of his latest pieces: three acrylic paintings on canvas and aluminium and two digital photographs on aluminium. In addition, Pelaires is expected to hold Bradley's first solo exhibition at the gallery as part of Art Palma Brunch 2020.

Ângela Ferreira. Pelaires is showing the works by this Mozambican artist for the first time in Madrid and, later on, also in Lisbon. For ARCO Madrid, Ferreira is presenting an installation that includes six different framed drawings and a sculpture titled "Talk Tower for Diego Rivera" (2017). It is a critical tribute to the work of the Mexican artist, a piece with audio. The soundtrack is actually a recording made by Diego Rivera himself when he was giving a talk on the meaning of art in Mexico City (audio in Spanish).

Nicholas Woods is an American artist (Lynchburg, Virginia, 1971) known for the discipline of his work and the rich resources he uses. Initially known for his paintings, his work is extremely subjective and questions the world as we see it based on a counter-cultural interaction. For ARCO he is presenting a series of watercolour paintings that are part of his latest Pelaires exhibition. His work is determined by the landscape genre, for which the artist uses terms from classical painting. His canvases are expressionist, gestural and colourful. Woods works with an intuitive yet strategic and methodical approach. Despite their seemingly spontaneous appearance, his canvases are definitely the result of an intensive psychological process that sometimes has even taken several years.

Woods describes his work as "an exploration of the psyche". Based on this definition, his art may be seen as a constant questioning of the world as he perceives it, as a questioning of the creation process itself and what being an artist really means. It is a deep dive into the psychic landscape we live in.