Rafa Munárriz

Munárriz' artistic work focuses on understanding and questioning urban space. He is interested in how citizens contront the surrounding environment, always questioning the links between artificial spatial creation and rejection, where "artificial" is synonym for "planned". Therefore, he compares artificiality with the accidental construction and deconstruction of urban space.

His clearly spatial and sculptural works focus on the relationship that visitors establish between art and their own reality as citizens, that is, Munárriz tries to interfere in the relationship between visitors and their environment by interpreting all spatial elements involved.

Munárriz has a BA in Fine Arts from UCM (Madrid). He also studied at the ABK in Stuttgart (Germany), SAIC (USA), USP (Brazil) and FAAP (Brazil), where he received a postgraduate degree. His works have been displayed at national and international venues such as: La Casa Encendida, Casal Solleric and Centro Botín (Spain); Casa do Povo, Ateliê 397, MAB FAAP and Redbull Station (Brazil); Sullivan Galleries (Chicago) or Mumok (Vienna). He took part in the PIESP Programme led by Adriano Pedrosa and was an art resident at El Ranchito Matadero (Madrid), PIVÔ Pesquisa, Residência Artística FAAP and Redbull Station (Sao Paulo). In addition, he has received several national awards, including Primera Fase DKV 2019, Circuitos, Injuve as well as the grant awarded by the Botín Foundation.

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Tudela, 1990
Lives and works in Madrid

Past Exhibitions in Pelaires:
The cave wall was always there
Nit de l'art 2018
Flow and Impact
19 September - 18 November 2015
Espacios que estructuran acciones
20-12-19 to 13-03-20

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