Guillermo Rubí presents "Perfect from now on" at Pelaires

In this exhibition the artist delves more deeply into his work on the concept of impact, exploring its consequences and how these physically and emotionally affect the people who have suffered them.

Pelaires is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Guillermo Rubí. It is entitled "Perfect from now on" and is a project in which the artist represented by the Gallery continues to develop the concept of 'impact', which he started 4 years ago. The exhibition will be inaugurated this Thursday, 14th December and will be open until February 28, 2018.

The work of Guillermo Rubí (Palma de Mallorca, 1971) has always been closely linked to music. In order to develop this current project, which is now at the CCC Pelaires, he used several LPs from his personal collection to string together a dialogue between the different pieces that make up the exhibition. In fact, the very title of this sample of his works comes from the 1997 album "Perfect from now on" by the American band Built to Spill.

In recent years, Ruby has worked on the concept of impact from both its physical and emotional aspect, as an element of change and transformation. On this occasion the artist is exploring the consequences of impact, how this aftermath affects people who have come up against it and also how they face it. That is why he has chosen this title for his last exhibition; Perfect FROM NOW ON!

To carry out this project, which consists of a series of works, in addition to the LP mentioned above, other albums have been used; "Eleven: Eleven" (1992) by the Boston band Come and "The Fragile" (1999) by the American band Nine Inch Nails. There is also a literary work to enrich the discourse of this project. It is the book by the English writer J.G. Ballard entitled "Crash" (1973), which narrates the experiences of several people who have been involved in a serious car crash and how this event affects them profoundly.

Using the album "Eleven: Eleven", Ruby develops a series of pictorial works of medium and large format. "The Fragile" is also the title of the sculpture which will welcome visitors when entering the gallery. In addition, there is a series of works made with seat belts from car wrecks; these make up the last body of work that can be seen on the main floor of the Pelaires Gallery.

Guillermo Rubí has created an Instagram account especially for this exhibition so that visitors to the exhibition can get further details and a deeper knowledge of the context and origin of the works that are part of the same:

"Perfect from now on" has a clear connection with the exhibitions that Guillermo Rubí had at the Centro Párraga in Murcia in 2016 ("First time I ever made a mistake in my life") and at Pelaires itself in 2014 ("Sound of impact"). Without a shadow of doubt, it is one step further in his research into impact as an element of change and transformation. It sees an impact as something that we must "bear" and whose consequences sometimes heal or disappear, while on other occasions they leave permanent consequences in their wake. Ruby turns to non-evidence, to a complex approach to his work: different interpretations for a number of works which are at first of a recognizable appearance, a purely visual and formalistic approach that immediately gives way to a more cryptic and personal interpretation.