"Fantasía de Orellana", by Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales (in collaboration with Julián Lede)

Orellana's Fantasia (2013)
Digital black and white film projected on to the wall, with sound (6)

Orellana's Fantasia (Fantasía de Orellana) is a short film that captures in silhouette a performance by the Guatemalan contemporary music composer, Joaquín Orellana, who, after his studies at the Centro de Música de Vanguardia Di Tella in Buenos Aires at the end of the 60s, created and used a set of musical instruments inspired by the xylophone and marimba.

After becoming interested in electronic music and working with tape loops, Joaquín Orellana returned to his country and discovered that he no longer had access to the technology or expertise he needed to create his music. In order to continue, Orellana produced a set of instruments that were analogue models made to function as if they were electronic instruments. Each instrument could only be played following a written musical score that was made up of a set of symbols and annotations that he himself invented in order to play them.

Fascinated by Orellana's unusual work with electronic music, Carlos Amorales and the musician Julián Lede commissioned him in 2012 to create his own version of the score of a segment of the classic animated film "Fantasia" by Walt Disney. The film recording of the silhouettes of the instruments' shapes, the annotations and the musician himself projected on to a screen became the animation that accompanies Orellana's version.