The African-Portuguese artist is showing her work on Majorca for the first time ever. Her project is a series of sculpture installations that pay tribute to Mozambican journalist Carlos Cardoso, murdered in 2000.

"Inbound" is the name of the exhibit by the Brazilian Lucas Simões. It is the artist's first solo show in Spain, for which curator Jesús Alcaida has written a text.

The 23rd Art Night will be held in Palma between 19 and 21 September. The event will kick off with a talk on the future of art and curatorship in Africa.

Ângela Ferreira and Lucas Simões will be the stars of Art Night at Pelaires Gallery. Their exhibitions are set to open in Palma on 21 September.

The African-Portuguese artist is showing her work on Majorca for the first time ever. Her project is a series of sculpture installations that pay tribute to Mozambican journalist Carlos Cardoso, who stood for alternative and investigative journalism in his homeland. Lucas Simoes is also presenting his first solo exhibition in Spain (called "Inbound"), which comes with a text by curator Jesús Alcaide. The Brazilian artist has been collaborating with the Pelaires Gallery since 2018.

Frederic Pinya, CEO of Pellaires Gallery explained, "Both projects are equally important. We are really looking forward to presenting the artists in Palma. Ângela Ferreira is a worldwide known artist and it is the first time she ever exhibits her work on the island. It is also the first time that Lucas Simões has a solo show in Spain after two years working together." Pinya also stated, "Art Night is a very important event to us, both in terms of the days before it actually is held and also in terms of the people who will visit the gallery on Saturday. Our goal is to bring them closer to the proposals by two of the best artists in the international scene."

Art Night (19-21 September) will kick off on Thursday 19 at Caixa Forum (Plaza General Weyler 3) with a talk on the future of art and curatorship in Africa. Participants in the conference - moderated by Elvira Dyangani - include experts such as Osei Bonsu, Hansi Momudu, Marie Hélène Pereira and Paula Nascimiento.

ÂNGELA FERREIRA. Carlos Cardoso – Directo ao assunto.

This exhibition takes up the artist's 2011 project in which she created a series of sculpture installations to pay tribute to the Mozambican journalist Carlos Cardoso and to the alternative and investigative journalism that he pioneered in his homeland.

Carlos Cardoso (1951- 2000) was a Mozambican journalist murdered in Maputo on 22 November 2000 as he investigated amajor financial scandal involving some 14 million dollars that disappeared from the formerly state-owned bank, Banco Comercial de Mozambique, before it was privatised. Six suspects were charged in Cardoso murder investigation. In 2002, three of them gave testimonies alleging that Nyimpine Chissano, the son of Mozambican president, paid Cardoso's murderer by cheque. Aníbal dos Santos, a Portuguese citizen who was said to have masterminded Cardoso's murder, was sentenced to jail for 30 years, while Nyimpine Chissano was charged with "joint moral authorship" of Cardoso's murder and various crimes in May 2006.

Ângela Ferreira's exhibition at Pelaires Gallery - curated by João Mourão and Luís Silva - features a group of sculptures and a photo print. "MediaFax" is the name of four of the sculptures that make reference to the fax machine and the publications that embodied Cardoso's commitment to the dissemination of impartial and accurate information.

Another sculptural work, Cena Aberta, takes the form of a radio tower in aluminium with megaphones that transmit two radio pieces - still broadcast in Mozambique - in which Cardoso participated as an actor, his voice remaining a powerful instrument twenty years after his death.

The show also features a large photo print of the memorial to Cardoso, unveiled in 2010 on Avenida Mártires da Machava in Maputo, archival material relating to his writing and publishing, and also a print of an article on Cardoso in the Mail & Guardian which served as a catalyst for Ferreira in producing this body of work.


"Inbound. Travelling towards a particular place, especially when returning to the original point of departure" is a body of work that Brazilian artist Lucas Simões has created especially for Pelaires Gallery. He examines the way we inhabit a particular space - in our case, an island - as well as the special features inherent to the island, where the sea is the only boundary.

"Inbound" is a site-specific installation where a "forest" of columns and piles combined with enclosing and isolating features (such as fences, barriers, gratings) are mixed with concrete (cement) to create a new environment, a temporary experience, a topology that may not be described as a home… just as a mere transit point, a space to go through, the idea that on the island "everything grows, vibrates and fits," as Chillida once wrote about sculptures.

Lucas Simões' investigation of materials as a form of expression is not fetishism as it may seem at first sight. The purpose of his research is actually to give meaning to the basis of the artistic piece instead. His expertise as an architect, where technical and poetic skills are closely linked, gives us clues to how to interpret his work.

Painting, cartography, books, photography, cement, steel, paper… they all have been the subject matter of his research. His know-how and constant experimentation with materials help the artist find the means of expression he needs, like in his latest cement sculpture and installations, which are a reflection of his approach to brutalist architecture and to the failure of the utopian meaning thereof.