The shared universe of Alicja Kwade and Gregor Hildebrandt comes to Pelaires Gallery with "Mucho Más"

Alicja Kwade and Gregor Hildebrandt present the jointly conceived exhibition "Mucho Más" at Pelaires Gallery, which will open on 2 September. Since their studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin —the city where they live— they have held joint exhibitions on several occasions, although this is the first time they so in Spain.

Frederic Pinya, director of Pelaires Gallery, explains, "This is the second exhibition we are holding with an artist couple, after that of Christian Jankowski and Jorinde Voight. We are interested in their dialogue, the universe they share in such a particular way... The exhibited works by Hildebrandt (Germany, 1974) and Kwade (Poland, 1979) interweave to form their own cosmos of reciprocal references and memories." The passage and perception of time and matter —including the relationship between positive and negative— are recurring ideas and reflections in the works on display, not only in sculptures, but also in paintings and photographs.

The exhibition follows an invitation from Pelaires Gallery, the intention of which is to undertake a project every two years with artist couples who apparently have a different form-based approach but later, on a deeper reading, share universal and philosophical themes such as the passage of time, formalistic concern and references to a past as rich as German philosophical thought in the case of the current exhibit." In "Much More", Pinya stresses, "The works of both artists coexist and dialogue with a different formalism but with an evident conceptual interrelation." He adds, "The work of Alicja Kwade and Gregor Hildebrandt is perfectly represented in this show, since it includes emblematic pieces by both artists."

Despite different methods and media, contentual and formal references can be traced through the selected works of Alicja Kwade and Gregor Hildebrandt, leaving the impression that there is still "much more" ("Mucho Más") to decipher. The exhibition occupies the courtyard and both floors of the gallery, and will remain open to the public until 30 November.