The Pelaires Gallery was established in 1969, and since then we have been working with artists from all over the globe. During this time, our Palma-based gallery has exhibited works by the most important artists of the international scene, and at the same time we have also served as a platform to showcase the best of local art to the rest of the world. Over the last 50 years, we have taken part in a very large number of exhibitions and international art fairs, and we have helped collectors to set up and give meaning to a collection according to their wishes.

Valuation / Appraisal:

We have in-depth knowledge of the market, whether local, national or international, and we offer a comprehensive service for the valuation of contemporary art. We also advise our clients on all legal and tax matters.


Throughout our years of experience we have moved works of art (paintings, sculptures...) to all continents. We offer a specialized shipping service, which ensures delivery in the best conditions both in terms of time and manner. The works that we transport are perfectly packed, often with boxes that we specifically make according to their dimensions, materials and the means used for shipping. We also provide an assembly service.

Art Advisor:

Over our more than 50 years of operation, we have been able to collaborate with many artists, curators, critics, media, collectors... As a result, we have gained a 360º view on the national and international contemporary art market.
It is precisely this distinctive value that we place at the service of collectors. For the whole Pelaires Gallery team, there is nothing more satisfying than working side by side with collectors in the creation of their collections. Whether they are new collectors, young collectors, experienced collectors who want to give their collection a new boost... We listen to their requirements at all times, we advise them, we support them in the search, in the selection of artists and works, and we provide them with all facilities to achieve their goals. Last but not least, we also offer comprehensive advice on all legal matters.
Our aim is for collectors to enjoy their passion for contemporary art, and to make the most of both the process and the collection itself.  


We are always prepared for what should not happen under normal circumstances, but experience shows it does. As a result of our agreement with insurance companies, we offer our clients a specific service to insure their works of art, whether they have to be transported or permanently insured.