Galería Pelaires third appearance at the Zona Maco

The fair, which will take place in Mexico City between the 7th and 11th of February, is a cultural reference for contemporary art in Latin America.

Pelaires will present a selection of works by Jason Martin, Prudencio Irazábal, Rafael Munárriz, Rachel Howard, Frank Nitsche, and Roland Fischer.

Pelaires Gallery is participating for the third time at ZONA MACO, the art fair to be held between the 7th and 11th of February at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City. Pelaires will display works by Jason Martin, Prudencio Irazábal, Rachel Howard, Rafael Munárriz, Frank Nitsche and Roland Fischer.

ZONA MACO, which is being held for the fifteenth time this year, is one of the most important contemporary art fairs in Latin America. Over 70 galleries from all around the world will take part, with pieces by artists of international standing. The selection of works will be carried out by a committee composed of Stefania Bortolami (Bortolami Gallery, New York), Ben Loveless (Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm / Berlin), Patricia Ortiz Monasterio (OMR Gallery, Mexico City), and Fernando Mesta (House of Gaga, city of Mexico). Some of the galleries in attendance are; Gagosian, David Zwirner, Mai 36, Lisson, Kurimanzuto, Gladstone, OMR and Perrotin - a clear demonstration of the relevance of the fair on the international scene.

The manager of the Pelaires Gallery, Frederic Pinya, points out that; "this is the third time that we have participated in this fair. Our previous experiences have been positive and Pelaires has a long term commitment to MACO. We regard it as a unique platform to interact with Latin American collectors and to showcase the work of our artists. Moreover, it is a marvellous opportunity to meet up-and-coming artists and make contact with galleries. The artistic fringe programme that runs parallel to the fair as well as the prizes that are awarded during the event are an added incentive".

Pinya stresses that; "On our stand there will be works by Jason Martin, Roland Fischer, Prudencio Irazábal, Frank Nitsche, Rachel Howard, and Rafael Munárriz, who is currently in Brazil thanks to a scholarship from the Botín Foundation". He goes on to say that; "The latest news is the addition of Frank Nitsche, a German artist, who is appearing for the first time. His work is characterised by the sophisticated visual language that he has developed, with overlapping layers of paint, with intersections of lines creating specific forms."

Nitsche's figures, lines and geometric shapes are composed of abstract formations that might well remind one of an architect's blueprints, technical models, design pieces, calligraphy or even computer programmes. To work on his abstract compositions, Nitsche makes use of a large picture file taken from the culture of the media, pop and consumers. He organises these, selects them and condenses them into his own pictorial language.

The Pelaires' manager is of the opinion that; "The selection of artists is a reflection of the work that we are undertaking, since virtually all of them have recently exhibited in our gallery"

Pelaires is currently the most experienced contemporary art gallery in Spain. Its journey began back in 1969, being founded by Josep Pinya. Since then, it has played host to some of the most renowned artists at a local, national and international level.