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Flow and Impact
Rafa Munárriz

19 September - 18 November 2015

Flow and Impact was Rafa Munárriz's first solo exhibition at Pelaires Gallery. This project was based on the project Coercion Exercises, where he created a series of mazes featuring a network of interconnecting pathways, for which he drew inspiration from the idea of entrance-exit. For this show, the artist turned to the traffic network of cities he has lived in, such as London or Sao Paulo. He focused on the sense of routine and repetition generated by the obstacles of conventional transport.

Munárriz wanted to emphasise the notion of being in a loop when using the urban transport network. The project Coercion Exercises led the artist to interpret each pattern, something he described as "training", highlighting the set of orders generating those patterns. Also, while working on this project, Munárriz started to show interest in the notion of accident, understood as any situation resulting from disruption or from ignoring obstacles (such as Bionda, a pressed guardrail).

The artist's body of work includes installations, video-installations and videos. As for his conceptual approach, he analyses the space where citizens come into contact with the world around them, always showing an interest in the political aspect associated with the objects and materials that we find in our cities. However, he has also created purely political works that focus more on feelings and less on specific events. Some of his works - mainly actions - are hanging in the air, a place he understands as a barren setting.