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Swear to God
Jason Martin

2 July - 10 September 2016

My story of gestures found in each work may be understood as swearing in paint. A fury enacted on the stage of a canvas. Our lives are full of tests and challenges we have to overcome in order to carry on towards a meaningful life, to grow as individuals. For that to really happen, we have to ask ourselves about our true personal identity in a solipsistic and destructive way. The career of an artist should never be understood as something omnipresent or stable, and should never be taken for granted. Rather the opposite. We struggle every single day, and each work is deeply scrutinised.

It may put our faith in God first. However, this personal choice of faith cannot be understood without the self-assertion of a different faith in God through self-belief. Some people believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent deity, while others opt for a journey of self-discovery. That journey of self-discovery may only have a happy end if our meditations on love and human condition come from deep within, from where there is no hope, since the greatest truth can only be revealed from such a place. The path must be understood as the search for a common humbleness, while faith can only be perceived as the sparkle of a suspicious light. Humans will find their true self after staring at the abyss, etc.

The real challenge is to combine will and courage in order to face and recover from adversity and finally get to the place we all want to be. Redemption and assertion for the Faithful. The foundations for any mental athlete.

These works carry the burden of a secret swearing. Each work survives thanks to the grace and vigour that have been stolen from the agony associated with that swearing.

Jason Martin