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Perfect from now on
Guillermo Rubí

14 December 2017 - 17 March 2018

"Perfect from now on" is clearly connected to the exhibits he created for the Párraga Centre in Murcia in 2016 ("First time I ever made a mistake in my life") and also for Pelaires Gallery in 2014 ("Sound of impact"). There is no doubt that he has taken another step forward in the study of impact as an element of change and transformation, an impact we have no choice but to "withstand" and the effects of which sometimes heal or vanish while other times have permanent consequences. Rubí uses non-onbiousness, a complex approach of his work: his apparently recognisable works offer different readings, a purely visual approximation that immediately takes us to a more cryptic and personal interpretation.

Rubí's work has drawn inspiration from music. For this exhibition, he used several LPs from his own collection in order to link together the different pieces on display. In fact, the show borrowed its name from the 1997 album of American band Built to Spill - "Perfect from now on".

In recent years, Rubí has delved into the notion of impact from a physical and emotional point of view, as an element of change and transformation. This time, the artist explores the consequences of impacts, how they affect people and how people cope with them. That is why he chose this name for his last show: Perfect FROM NOW ON.

For the works that comprise this project, besides the before mentioned LP, the artist has also used the album "Eleven:Eleven" (1992) of Boston band Come and the album "The Fragile" (1999) of American band Nine Inch Nails. He has also reached for a literary work in an attempt to enrich the discourse of the project: the novel "Crash" (1973) by J.G. Ballard, where the English writer narrates the experiences of several characters who get involved in a serious car accident and how this deeply affects them.

With "Eleven:Eleven", Rubí creates a series of medium and large size paintings. "The Fragile" is also the name of the sculpture that welcomes viewers when entering the hall. The last part of the exhibit - located on the main floor of Pelaires Gallery - includes several works featuring seatbelts of damaged cars. ­

For this show, Guillermo Rubí opened an instagram account so that visitors can learn more about the context and origin of the works on display: