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Frank Nitsche

24 March - 31 May 2018

His work can be framed in the so-called postmodern abstraction, keenly interested in Constructivism rooted in the future and filtered by the development of mass culture. Nitsche has developed a sophisticated visual language by overlapping layers of paint and intersecting lines, angles and vectors to create a three-dimensional space. Geometric shapes and lines, which for the most part are unidentifiable and yet evocative, are arranged in abstract compositions that remind the viewer of blueprints, technical models, design, calligraphy or computer programmes. While his paintings may give that impression, he uses no computer programmes or anything similar. He paints layer upon layer in the time-honoured laborious fashion instead, putting even more emphasis on the concept of contradiction. Some areas of the canvas are sanded, giving a glimpse of the layers of paint below and creating dotted lines that unveil the actual process of creation of the work. His work focuses on a type of painting that brings the perception of precise, pure and apparently accurate geometry into conflict with more spontaneous, free construction and pictorial lines. His series of paintings contain constellations and also well-defined drawings and lines. The artist creates his carefully elaborated, sophisticated abstraction by juxtaposing shapes that may be described as technological alongside freer and more erratic ones.

For his work, Nitsche uses a large visual file that he takes from the media, pop culture and consumption trends. He rearranges, selects and condenses images while creating his own pictorial language. These "albums" have been either published as artist's books or exhibited next to his paintings.