Jorinde Voigt, Christian Jankowski

First joint show of German artists Jorinde Voigt and Christian Jankowski. Over 40 works of art have been selected, including samples of Voigt and Jankowski's most significant work from the last decade. 

The artists had been wanting to put together a group exhibition for a very long time, a wish that has become true at Pelaires Gallery. The city they have chosen to present their project (Palma) is neither a coincidence nor a conceptual and formal approach exercise between two different bodies of work that eventually merge into one single project. This show is actually a reflection on their personal relationship and on how they jointly combine creativity, art and production and thinking processes.

The name of the exhibit, Wahlverwandtschaften (which translates to "Elective Affinities") is taken from a book by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The German word "Wahlverwandtschaften" also holds connotations that associate it with the idea of "family", "home" or even "group" in this case. Therefore, hosting the exhibit on Majorca totally makes sense, as this island is a place that many Germans call their "home" by choice.

After more than 10 years learning about each other's art and character, the artists came up with the idea of establishing a real dialogue with one another in order to expand both the intellectual and physical aspect of their work and creative process. Their past works were already influenced by each other's works, at times in an abstract way and at others times in a more concrete and evident way. The pieces featured in this exhibition are put together and blended (sometimes they even come into contact), something that viewers may perceive as an installation. It becomes clear that not only have they always been close in terms of content and themes, but also there is a new, authentic visual connection between them.

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16 June - 11 September 2018