Albert Pinya
Panta Rei - Towards a New Paradigm

Albert Pinya's first exhibition at Pelaires since his works were last displayed on the island ten years ago. 

This new project includes recent, unseen works from the last two years. It can be understood as a clear declaration of intent, as the artist tries "to keep constantly exploring the world of the unknown" and "to be uncomfortable with yourself" in order to reaffirm the idea that "everything is constantly flowing and changing" while rejecting notions such as "permanent and static". Pinya virtually goes beyond the narrative and descriptive paintings he is known for, giving way to a concise, cryptic and secretive language that is closer to psychodelic abstraction than to his previous sinister, naïf approach.

Pinya likes collaborating with other artists, from painters to poets or musicians. For this show in particular, which reveals a renewed array of means, resources and art forms (video, sculpture, installation, paper and painting), the artists has worked together with the famous Majorcan musician Joan Miquel Oliver, with whom he has created one of the exhibition pieces: a video featuring Pinya and the musician. 

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24 March - 31 May 2018