Dos figuras en aproximación


For the proposed exhibition, the artist Rafa Munárriz focuses his interest on the urban perception of the domestic sphere. In his opinion, the idea of the urban space as a habitable notion disappeared during lockdown and became an aspirational scenario. While the individual's usual dynamics were reduced to a series of routines within the city, the domestic setting was reduced in scale back then, piling up these routines one on top of the other. By being reduced to a single domestic space, a new virtual perception of the urban space became palpable, highlighting the relationship between the individual and the new media, as well as the political use of the domestic space through the media.

His proposal —featuring two related sculptures— defines what could be the façade or shelter of a human figure through curved metal sheets, the finish of which tries to mimic the moving image of the screen. Divided into two finishes: glossy on the inside —looking for the reflection— and textured on the outside —wanting to reach the visual idea of the casing.

The proposed figures try to relate to the new notion of domestic space, seeking shapes that delimit the outline of the body and try to interact with the outside world through the image in the reflection.

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From March 26