Guillermo Rubí

Guillermo Rubí plays with concepts that are both immaterial and abstract in order to construct complex mind maps which give structure to all his projects. This fractal network, composed of infinite nodules and branches, of research, overlaps and gaps, makes up the architecture upon which the artist creates his work, taking his own experience as the starting point while trying to get the viewer involved in simultaneous searches provoked by each piece. His paintings exert an elaborate geometrical web of similar colours, mixing acrylic and enamel on surfaces like canvas or aluminium, distorting pre-existing images to make the viewer look twice. His sculptures reveal a deliberate simplicity and a certain minimalism, reminding one of objects made for other uses from which many of these ideas came, making you think of the aeronautical industry or some other industrial production. A formal purity which alerts us to a new clue, suggesting that the impact of the piece, and its drive, should be evident in other questions, in more or less hidden factors, in those other not so obvious ideas which are present in the changing intensity and emotion of each of his projects.

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Palma de Mallorca, 1971

Past Exhibitions in Pelaires:
Perfect from now on
14 December 2017 - 17 March 2018

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