The Gallery

Galería Pelaires displays and represents international artists whose works are exhibited on Majorca - and usually also Spain- for the first time ever. 

It also promotes and collaborates with young, mid-career artists. The gallery offers a rigorous, ever-changing programme that has the collaboration of many different curators and critics. Likewise, Galería Pelaires carries out an intimate project that is clearly committed to the region where it is located, a place with a strong international influence.

Pelaires' goal is to provide room for contemporary artists who reflect the complex and diverse current scene, even if they do so using very different languages and aesthetic approaches.

Pelaires Gallery was founded by Pep Pinya in 1969 in Palma. In 1990 it relocated from Pelaires Street to the emblematic 17th-century historic building that now houses its premises. Today, the two-storey building hosts exhibitions all year long.

Galería Pelaires has been uninterruptedly offering an international artistic programme for the last 50 years. It has exhibited works by artists such as Miró, Picasso, Boetti, Tàpies, Calder, Chillida, Lüpertz, Kounellis, Rebecca Horn, Brossa and Beuys -amongst many others. Furthermore, the generation change in Pelaires has provided new opportunities to artists such as Carlos Amorales, Alice Channer, Idris Kahn, Gregor Hildebrandt, Jorinde Voigt, Christian Jankowski or Jason Martin.

Apart from representing and supporting artists, Pelaires has also backed creative minds from other disciplines from the very beginning. In fact, the gallery has welcomed some of the most prominent intellectuals from the second half of the 20th century who have visited the island in the past.

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Opening of the first Pelaires Gallery, 1969.

Robert Graves, Pep Pinya and Joan Miró chatting during an opening at Pelaires Gallery. (1970).

Entrance and courtyard of Pelaires Gallery. The structure and some of the main features of the building date from the Middle Ages. 

Alighiero Boetti, Self-Portrait (1996). Main piece of the 2015 Art Night exhibit held at Pelaires Gallery.

Partial view of the work Enganyifa by Joan Brossa, Pelaires exhibition (2007).

Groin vault on the ground floor of Pelaires Gallery. The building has preserved architectural features from different construction stages.

Partial view of the ground floor of Pelaires Gallery.

Coat of arms of the Verí family, featured on one of the capitals of the courtyard of Pelaires Gallery.

Detail of the exhibit Swear to God by artist Jason Martin (2016).

Detail of the exhibit by Frank Stella (2008). The picture features the works Wajang wong, Kapar and Mereh.

Full view of the exhibition hall on the ground floor of Pelaires Gallery.