Sala Pelaires was set up by Josep Pinya in the street bearing the same name in 1969. It was the first space in Mallorca wholly dedicated to contemporary art. At the opening, works by Picasso, Tàpies, Clavé and Mensa were exhibited…

The following year, in 1970, the first individual show by Joan Miró in Mallorca was held in Pelaires. Miró gave both support and a certain momentum to the gallery. From then onwards, artists who were masters of 20th century contemporary art would all exhibit on their walls: Andreu Alfaro, Anthony Caro, Eduardo Arroyo, Christo, Ritch Miller, Clavé, Chillida, Guinovart, Henry Moore, Joan Brossa, Genovés, Julio González, John Ulbricht, Lucio Muñoz, Millares, Valdés, Canogar, Mompó, Motherwell, Saura, Tàpies, Calder …

In 1972, Alexander Calder had his first exhibition in Spain and it was held in Pelaires. Thanks to his friendship with Miró and this show, Palma was presented with a stabile-mobile – a sculpture called Nancy – as a gift from Calder and which today stands in S’Hort del Rei. That same year,
Pelaires opened an exhibition by Picasso: works on canvas and engravings to celebrate the gallery’s Ninth Anniversay.

In 1973, Pelaires published the Mallorca Suite / Serie Mallorca, consisting of 36 original engravings. Over the following years, the gallery continued to support the work of the great artists of the time.

In the 80’s, the gallery opened up its stable of artists to embrace Ramón Canet, María Carbonero, Menéndez Rojas, Antoni Socias, Campano, Joan Artigas, Carmen Calvo, Ferrán García Sevilla, Cucchi, Sandro Chía, Xavier Grau, Lamazares, Peter Philips, Rafa Forteza, Sicilia and a long eccetera of creators started working regularly with Pelaires.

In 1992, Sala Pelaires moved a couple of doors up the road to No. 5, which is where the gallery still operates today.

In 1990, Pep Pinya took over and restored the Convento de las Trinitarias, in what was the Can Verí palace. Built in 1625, it has since become recognised as one of the leading cultural centres and not only in Mallorca. His Majesty the old King Don Juan Carlos I officially opened the new Pelaires Contemporary Cultural Centre, which commerorated its 20th Anniversary since exhibiting that first solo show by Miró with the exhibition “Pelaires 20 years on”.